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Disney Holiday Gift Guide

Disney Christmas

The holiday season is upon us and I think we all have a Disney fan to shop for on our list! In some cases, we are that Disney fan on the list. To help make shopping season a little easier, I’ve curated my top picks to gift the Disney lover in your life! And if you are that person, I won’t judge you for it. Read on for my favs!

Classic Santa Mickey Tee

Santa Mickey Shirt

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without a classic Santa Mickey tee. This affordable and adorable cotton tee will put a smile on any Disney lover’s face, regardless of age or gender. Santa Mickey tees for all!

Dooney & Bourke Disney Princess Runway Wallet

Disney Princess Dooney Wallet

I have had a longtime love affair with the Dooney & Bourke Disney Collection. This Princess Runway Wallet is the cutest – high fashion mixed with the spirit of your fav characters. The best combo. Would work for a tween gift or for any female kid at heart!

Disney Mickey Mug Warmer

Mickey Mug Warmer

Never let your coffee run cold with this cute Mickey mug warmer! I’m going to file this one under things you didn’t know you need, but will be thrilled when you get it. Don’t you think it would just look darling on your girlfriend/sister’s desk at work? I do.

Star Wars “I Love You” Mug Set

Star Wars mug

Know a Star Wars lover? The new movie’s upcoming release will be gift enough I’m sure, but you should also pick up one of these mug sets and bring a smile to the scruffy looking nerf herder in your life.

Marc Jacobs x Disney iPhone Case

Marc Jacobs Disney iPhone Case

I’m basically addicted to Marc Jacobs. I love his fashion designs, I love his beauty line, I love his social media scandals. I think he’s amazing. And when I discovered the beauty that is his Alice and Wonderland themed collection, I was hooked again. This iPhone case featuring a print of the flowers of Wonderland is beautiful and a real conversation starter too.

Mickey Charger Kit

Mickey Mouse iPhone charger

I don’t know about you, but I’m always in need of a phone charger. There can never be too many because I feel like I always leave one somewhere. This set contains a heavy duty USB cord, a dock, wall charger and a car charger adapter.

Inside Out DVD

Inside Out DVD

Inside Out was legit the best movie I’ve seen all year. If you somehow missed it, please please please just trust me and pick up a copy. It will hit you in all the feels. It’s a great movie to watch with the family this holiday season, too!

Disney Mickey Marcasite Stud Earrings

Mickey earrings

How pretty are these Mickey marcasite studs? These highly reflective and super stylish earrings make a big Disney loving statement without looking cheesy at all. Perfect for young and old Disney fans alike. Love love love.

Snow White Computer Decal

Snow White Computer Decal

It’s no secret I’m a pretty big Snow White fan. I’m also obsessed with this decal that fits seamlessly on your Apple computer. Get it? Have a bite!

Disney Classic Mickey Waffle Maker

Mickey Waffle Maker

To me, Mickey waffles are one of the most iconic Disney foods, up there with turkey legs and Mickey ear ice cream bars. I can remember eating at Chef Mickey’s at WDW and piling my plate full of Mickey waffles when I was little. With this awesome waffle maker, you can bring the magic of Disney dining to your own kitchen! Get one early and whip up some Mickey waffles for the fam on Christmas morning. I promise it’ll be a big hit!

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